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The First Aesthetic Medicine Symposium 2021AGM and Annual Dinner@07AUGUST21

AUGUST 2021 in symposium program and abstracthttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZhqZw0DVlw9MJ3HoKqQ4IVLrhrTX9u4d/view?usp=sharing

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Annual dinner (salon 1) 7th August 2021

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Annual dinner 2021 Salon 4

Summary report of Symposium and Dinner

DATE: 12th June 2022Location of event: Hyatt Regency, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha TsuiLectures: ten lecturesNumber of Persons attending:Symposium 120Dinner 116Sponsoring organizations: thirteen companiesALLERGAN HONG KONG LIMITED, ALMA MEDICAL LIMITED, APPLE TREE MARKETING LIMITED, CANDELA MEDICAL HONG KONG, CLOVERS MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (HK) LTD, COS THERAPY LIMITED, DEMAND FIT, GALDERMA HONG KONG LIMITED, GOOD UNION CORPORATION LTD, MEDICFACE HK LIMITED, MERZ HONG KONG LIMITED, STARZ TECH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED VENUS CONCEPT (HK) LIMITEDMEETING SUMMARYOn 12th June 2022, ADAM held the second scientific symposium at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. There were thirteen sponsors and ten 30 minutes lectures featuring skin rejuvenation, anti-aging Medicine, and business development. This year, we have extended our program from half-day last year to a full-day program.Teams started setting up the venue as early as 8 am, and registration started around 845 am.ADAM chairperson Dr. Luk Wang Lung opened our meeting and first lecture. Our past chaired our meeting- chairs Dr. Lau Kwan Chark, Dr. Kwok Yam Tat, and Dr. Fung Ho Wang.

After a brief introduction of speakers by our MCs and moderators, the speakers presented their talks. Eight of our lectures featured hot topics on new advances in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation using botulinum toxin (64 units), hyaluronic acid, and threads. Two lectures focus on the new requirement of our business premises and the role of business sharing in our industry.

Q and A after Lecture 3 & 4


After lunch - afternoon symposiumMC by Dr Jacqueline Luk and Mr Zac Ko,Moderator : Dr Jeremy Kwok and Dr Alan Fung

Moderator by Dr Jeremy Kwok Award presentation after L7

Moderator by Dr Alan Fung , Q&A after lecture 9 and 10

ADAM Dinner 2022

ADAM Dinner 2022

Evening special guestsDr Walter King, Dr Hau, Dr Ruby Ching, Dr Leung (HKDU) Dr Ho Chung Ping, Professor Y  FengModerator by Dr LukMC Dr Sky Wong and Dr Phoebe Lam