About the Association

We are a group of doctors in Hong Kong with interest in Aesthetic Medicine.
The main aims of our Association are :

  1. To discuss topics in Aesthetic Medicine
  2. To organize CME program, workshop, seminar in Aesthetic Medicine
  3. To protect public safety
  4. To promote professionalism
  5. To protect interests of Aesthetic doctors in Hong Kong
  6. To nourish friendship among Aesthetic doctors
  7. To represent Aesthetic doctors to negotiate and discuss issues of Aesthetic Medicine with Government & Medical bodies : DH, HKMA, HKDU, MC
  8. To develop the Specialty of Aesthetic Medicine in the long term

Chairman's Message

Dear colleague and member of ADAM,
Thank you for electing me as chairman of ADAM.  Under the hard work and guidance of our previous chairmen, Dr. Alan Fung, Dr. Jeramy Kwok and Dr. Edwin Lau, ADAM has been developing steadily and strongly.  Now that ADAM has more than 200 local doctors and 11 associates members.
I would try my best to recruit more local members and associate members so that the strength and ADAM would be more strong locally and internationally. I would try to work with medical aesthetic societies or colleges oversea, so as to promote the status and image of ADAM internationally.
I hope to promote the image of ADAM and aesthetic medicine as one of the main stream of medicine, by incorporation with other specialty of medicine e.g. Ophthalmologist, ENT surgeons, Plastic surgeons and dermatologist.
I am sure with the help of members of our Executive Committee and members od ADAM, ADAM will grow ever more strong.
Dr W.L.Luk
May 2018

Current Council

Officer (2018-2022)

Chairman: Dr Luk Wang Lung
Secretary: Dr Chow Chong Kwan
Treasurer: Edwin Lau Kwan Chark
Vice Chairman:Dr Wong Tin Hau, Dr Yam Chun Yin

Executive Committee

Dr Alan Fung Ho Wang
Dr Chan Leung Kwok
Dr Chan Tsung Keat
Dr Cheung Hor Yum Christopher
Dr Li Fan Lan Florence
Dr Jeremy Kwok Yam Tat
Dr Raymond Wu Sheung Yung
Dr Szeto King Ho
Dr Yip Tze Hung Tim

Past Councils

Officer (2016-2018)

Chairman: Dr Edwin Lau Kwan Chark
Secretary: Dr Luk Wang Lung
Treasurer: Dr Raymond Wu Sheung Yung

Officer (2015-2016)

Chairman: Dr Jeremy Kwok Yam Tat
Secretary: Dr Fung Ho Wang Alan
Treasurer: Dr Edwin Lau Kwan Chark
Vice-Chairman: Dr Lam Wai Kwong Ringo


Chairman: Dr Fung Ho Wang Alan
Secretary: Dr Jeremy Kwok Yam Tat
Treasurer: Dr Edwin Lau Kwan Chark
Vice-Chairman: Dr Pang Sai Yau, Dr Lam Wai Kwong Ringo

Officer (2013-2014)

Chairman: Dr Ho Micheal
Secretary: Dr Fung Ho Wang Alan