Common Aesthetic Procedures

Botulinum toxin injection 肉毒桿菌素注射
Filler injection 填充物注射
Thread lifts 線提升
Lasers ( vascular lesions, skin pigmentation and skin rejuvenation ) 激光 (血管病變,皮膚色素沉著及嫩膚)
Chemical Peels 化學換膚
Microdermabrasion 磨皮
Lasers (Medical) 激光 (醫學)
Intense Pulsed Light 強脈衝光
Radiofrequency, Infrared and Other Devices . e.g. For Skin tightening procedures 射頻,紅外線及其他設備,如緊膚療程
Photodynamic / Photopneumatic Therapy 光動力治療
External Lipolysis (heat / ultrasound / coldness) 表面溶脂 (非手術) 熱力 / 超聲波 / 冷凍




1. 令造成皺紋的肌肉放鬆,減淡動態皺紋。
2. 令肥大的肌肉放鬆,改變面型或身型。

1. 對藥劑成份過敏者。
2. 重症肌無力患者。
3. 懷孕、哺乳中婦女。
4. 欲治療處皮膚正在過敏或發炎者。


雖然近期有不小人於大陸注射肉毒桿菌素後出現中毒情況,但 在香港其實很罕見。為保障大家,請在注射前要多加注意:
1. 肉毒桿菌素只可由合法西醫使用,如有疑問理應拒絕。
2. 查看肉毒桿菌素上有香港藥物注冊編號放可使用。
4. 注射後如有不適應盡早求醫。


注射後可能感到輕微的不適,但通常極輕微且會很快消失。 此外亦有其他事況注意:
1 .四小時內避免睡覺,以免壓下受注射肌肉,令肉毒桿菌素分散至其他肌肉。
2. 一週內儘量避免高溫和劇烈運動。


Chairman's Report (2015 - 2016)

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Executive committee and members of the association, this year has been a very fruitful year. Our association has grown to over 150 strong. We are now the association of doctors in aesthetic medicine with the largest numbers of member doctor s in Hong Kong, Our reputation has risen sharply and we have become well known to most doctors practicing in the field of aesthetic medicine in Hong Kong as well as to medical bodies such as the Department of Health and Medical Associations e.g. Hong Kong Doctor’s Union, so much so that we have been asked on many occasions to give expert opinion on issues concerning regulation of medical devices and procedures, as well as to give lectures and seminars on Aesthetic practices both to the medical professionals and to the general public. Throughout the year we have to organize numerous workshops and seminars in our Association premise as well as in other venues, such as hotels in cooperation with companies, to promote new medical devices and procedures and these functions are usually well attended thanks to the support of all members of the association. With these functions we have managed to raise considerable fund for future use in the development of ADAM.

We have ventured to bring ADAM to international recognition by inviting oversea exerts to be our honorary advisors as well as to organized 2 functions with international medical associations and I am deeply grateful to Dr. Ringo Lam for his contribution. Our vision is to bring ADAM to international fame as well.
It is my hope that our association will continue to be the strongest and most influential Aesthetic Doctors’ Association in Hong Kong and worldwide.

After this AGM I will ceased to be Chairman of ADAM but I will never cease to support ADAM.

Dr. Kwok Yam Tat, Jeremy
Chairman 2105 – 2016
Association of Doctors In Aesthetic Medicine ( HK ) Ltd


Date: 2016-02-01
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Chairman's Report (2014 - 2015)

4 Mar 2014, Meeting with Department of Health

17 Jun 2014 , Restylane  Workshop

17 Aug 2014 , HKDU Sunday  Symposium , Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

  1. Applied Anatomy in Aesthetic Medicine   ( Lam Ringo )
  2. Botulinum Toxin ( Fung Alan )
  3. Total Facial Contouring with Fillers ( Lau Edwin )
  4. IPL & Lasers (Kwok Jeremy )
    Approved by MC with CME points

31 Aug 2014 , Workshop ( Dr K )

18 Sept 2014 , RF Workshop

22 Oct 2014 , Venus Workshop

30 Oct 2014 , EC Meeting , Dinner sponsored by HUGH , ICON  Hotel

17 Nov 2014 , Neurofrequency  Workshop

29 Nov 2014 , Liposuction  Workshop

13 Jan 2015 , BTXA  hand-on Workshop

17 Feb 2015 , Legislative Council Meeting

19 April 2015 , HKSLA-HKMA  certificate course on Cosmetic – related procedures CUM Joint Scientific Meeting , ADAM as Supporting Organization

26 April 2014 , Workshop for  injectables

17 May 2015 , Workshop for IPL . Laser and energy-based devices

life members     = 120
ordinary members  = 3
Total             = 123  members

CHAIRMAN ( 2014 – 2015 )
MAY 2015